Cyrus from Portland, OR


I love the Portland Building, it reminds me of my moustache. I don’t have a moustache because it looks good, I have one because it's ironic. I mean i look good, but that's not the only reason why i have it. I grew it as a joke but i guess i got attached to it after the huge commitment it was to grow and maintain it. Maybe Postmodernism is like my moustache, starting off as a joke and then becoming a part of the city. I also love the Portland Building because no one else loves it, you know. Its nice to not jump on bandwagons.


Laurel from New York City, NY


Folk Art Museum was one of my favorite buildings.  Sure it was mainly stairs on the inside, with a few cramped galleries, but I liked it. It was a building admired, visited and studied by so many and now it's reduced to just memory, I know the facade is going to be put in storage, but we’ll never see it again. Thanks to Overly Attached Cute we were able to make some memorial stickers to remember our favorite building. It's the least we could do after this cultural vandalism. #FolkMoMA


Dirk from Rotterdam


It’s a good thing Overly Attached Cute exists, we were able to salvage a few pieces of the Netherlands Dance Theater. I now have wallpapered my room with a replica of the mural that once sat atop the theater. Every day I wake up I'm reminded of my favorite theater, it gets me out of bed. Thanks OAC!

Sam from Goshen, NY


Not an expert on architecture, but I’ve lived in Goshen my entire life. When we were kids we used to laugh at the funny looking building that was the Orange County Government Center. Didn’t look like anything we ever saw. But you know, after a while you get kind of used to it and proud of it. It’s different, right? Like you wouldn’t expect to see something like it in Goshen, everything is pretty normal here. But in 2012 the mayor and the government people started talking about tearing it down and building something else. I don’t think anyone here thought that was a good idea. You know, if you have a leak in your roof you just patch it up, you don’t just go and buy a new house, right? They decide to take our tax dollars to tear the damn thing down instead of putting in the money for the necessary repairs. I could tell you how they could use that money, they could go and repair the roads on Highway 12. Instead they’re just going to build something boring and Colonial, what’s is called? Revival or something…


Trish from Buffalo, NY


I have been living in the Shoreline affordable housing complex for twenty years. Last year I was transferred from the unit I had been living in for the past 19 years into another unit, to Shoreline 2. Shoreline 3 and 4 have since been demolished, leaving a gaping hole in the complex. Supposedly they were shuttered to make room for more open space, but we don’t need open space. We need someone to take care of the buildings. It’s your classic case of demolition by neglect. With these two buildings they’re demolishing, they’ve said, “Oh well, the elevator doesn’t work.” Well, why don’t you repair the elevator? “Oh, look at all the graffiti.” Well, why don’t you remove the graffiti? There isn’t nothing wrong with the structure, nothing a good architect couldn’t patch up.


Ted  from Chicago, IL


I was personally extremely heartbroken after the demolition of Prentice Hospital. My first two children were born there, and my wife and I have fond memories of their deliveries. Bertrand Goldberg’s work in Chicago is iconic; my family was devastated to learn of the hospital’s demolition. If only there had been an intervention from Overly Attached, we might have delivered our youngest son Max there.