Will You Help Them?

Join the fight against demolition. As a non-profit organization, Overly Attached Cute depends entirely on donations from our delightful fans. All donations come with a pack of stickers, a subscription to Overly Attached Cute Magazine, and a personalized thank you note signed by the buildings that your donation helped save.


Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly giving is an efficient, easy, and tax-deductible way to make a difference for buildings all year long. Monthly giving plans also provides a consistent and reliable income for us, allowing Overly Attached Cute to spend less time fundraising and more time saving buildings. Let’s make buildings cute together, become a monthly donor today!


One Time Donations

Every donation can make a difference. Help today by donating any amount, from your spare change to your monthly paycheck.


Memorial Gifts

Honor your favorite fallen building or architect by making a gift in their name. Donating to Overly Attached Cute is an excellent alternative to standard giving and is a perfect way to honor the special design or designer in your life. This donation package includes a set of memorial stickers, which will be commemorated on our next project.


Legacy Society

Do you think you’re going to pass on soon? Scared your favorite building will be demolished?

Overly Attached Cute Legacy Society was established to recognize and thank those who have included Overly Attached Cute in their estate plans, trust, retirement, bank accounts, life insurance, will, or life income gifts. Join the OAC Society and we’ll make sure your favorite building sticks around, even if you don’t.


Help Overly Attached Cute Put a Stop to Architecturally Significant Landmark Demolition.